Your Rightfully Owner: Renegade

Your Rightfully Owner: Renegade


Everyone has been talking about this video with Jay Z, the Illuminati and existence of secret societies.  Supposedly they were saying you couldn’t find the DVD in stores because the “Powers that be” wouldn’t let the distribution happen.  Since then this DVD probably went super hood platinum because I hear every city talking about it.  I’m not saying i believe it or not, all I’m saying is this shit caught fire and circulated the whole country in a few months so a bunch of people must believe some of it.  So upon popular demand, presented by here it is.   We got the whole 126 min.

This is the lastest VIBE Magazine (december`s) which includes Lil Wayne, Drake, and Kobe Bryant . Drake is on the front cover &nd some of the pics from the shoot which are displayed weren’t used in the magazine .

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Jamie Foxx
Straight To The Dance Floor (Feat. Lil' Wayne) [Prod. By Los Da Mystro]

Jamix Fox &nd Weezy - to the dance floor

but this just the wayne verse .

Download link = “

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;] Yeaaaa, this is why i have a baby on the way now.

;] Yeaaaa, this is why i have a baby on the way now.

Ryan Leslie - Gibberish Studio Session

Mann I know this is old but i love the way he put all together

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